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C-Squared Family Farm: A Well-Loved Garden Hidden Along A Bank

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The C-Squared family garden isn’t open to visitors. Instead, it’s a backyard collection of vegetables grown along a natural creek in the South Carolina foothills. We’ve been eating out of our garden since 2014 and quickly discovered we could freeze-dry many of the things we grew.

Our family garden includes greens (collards, mustards, turnips, kale), beets, swiss chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, beans, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, radishes, fall and summer squash, figs, and blueberries. We chose these varieties not just because we love to eat them, but also because they grow well naturally in our soil. Because we carefully plan what we grow, we’re able to skip the pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and instead focus on growing the healthiest plants that we can.

C-Squared Productions is proud to share the bounties of our personal garden as freeze-dried foods.

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