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Tropical Kale Smoothie

by Dr. Coffee

A healthy smoothie with all of your favorite breakfast items!

Yield: 1 Serving (12 oz)


1 pkg (.40 oz.)              C2 Production Freeze-dried Mixed Fruit 

2 tbsp.  (.80 oz)           Tropical Granola (recipe on website)   

1-1½ tsp                       FD Kale (.40 oz)         

½ cup (4 oz)                Low-fat Plain Greek Yogurt   

½ cup (4 oz)                Apple or Orange Juice

2-4                                Ice Cubes



  • Add ingredients in blender in order given. Shake before blending. Enjoy

Note: If you have an allergy to nuts, Tropical Granola can be substituted with nut-free granola, however, the flavor profile will be different.

The apple juice can be substituted with orange juice.

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