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Freeze - Dried Banana

Freeze - Dried Banana

SKU: BA1802A

Grown within 30 degrees on either side of the Equator, this yellow fruit is the most consumed worldwide!


  • Firm, hard and crunchy, followed by chewy with a banana aftertaste.
  • Suitable raw or in recipes.
  • Single serving package (0.60 oz) contains a USDA single serving (1/2 cup) of fresh fruit and large package (2.40 oz) contains 10 oz of fresh fruit.
  • Good source of potassium, manganese, magnesium and dietary fiber; Excellent source of vitamins C and B6.


Packaged in resealable packaging, with easy-to-open tear notches. Large packages contains oxygen absorbers. Processed in an allergen-free environment.

  • What You'll Experience

    Firm and hard with a solid crunch, Freeze-dried bananas are surprisingly easy to chew. Softly bite down to expose its sweet flavor.


    After a few seconds, the hard texture softens, and the fiber-dense fruit becomes an addictive snack. The sweet flavor remains on your tongue for a short while, leaving a powerful reminder of your time together.


  • Return & Refund Policy

    We hope you’ll love our food! If you don’t let us know. Send us an email at csquareprods At Gmail dot com.


    Because we deliver fresh, freeze-dried foods, we are unable to accept returns. We also cannot cancel orders that have already shipped.


    If your food arrives damaged or you received the wrong item, please keep it and contact us within 5 days so that we can replace it at no expense to you.

  • Shipping & Packaging

    Our foods come ready-to-eat or store in resealable packages. We don't include oxygen absorbers, so please enjoy within 6 weeks or place it in the refrigerator to enjoy later.


    We ship our food within 48 hours. Once your order ships, you'll receive a tracking number and can expect your order within 5-7 days.


    If your order does not arrive when scheduled, please let us know.

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