Freeze-Dried Sweet Corn Milk

Freeze-Dried Sweet Corn Milk


If you’ve ever eaten corn on the cob, you know the juices are the best part. We’ve collected those ‘juices’ and other juicy tidbits in our versatile corn milk. 


  • Shaved corn available in organic and regular varieties.

  • Substitute for fresh-cut corn-on-the-cob in recipes. Substitute for part of the milk or cream in corn recipes to enhance the flavor.

  • Each package (0.45 oz) contains 4.0 oz. of raw product. Packaged in resealable zipped bags with oxygen absorber.

  • A good source of dietary fiber, iron, and calcium and an excellent source of Vit. C, Vit.A and Potassium.


Locally sourced locally from Parisi Farm & Clemson Farmer Market. Processed in an allergen-free environment.

  • What You'll Experience

    Sweet Corn Milk and Peaches & Cream Corn Milk has a pleasant sweetness and a mild corn flavor with Silver Queen’s offering a milder sweetness and corn flavor and additional starch. 


    Corn milk is perfect for enhancing the flavor of soups or chowder, along with giving it a creamy, milky texture. Simply include some corn milk with flour or cornstarch to thicken up your dishes. All versions can be used interchangeably in recipes.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    We hope you'll love our food! If you don't let us know. Send us an email at csquareprods At Gmail dot com


    Because we deliver fresh, freeze-dried foods, we are unable to accept returns. We also cannot cancel orders that have already shipped.


    If your food arrives damaged or you received the wrong item, please keep it and contact us within 5 days so that we can replace it at no expense to you.

  • Shipping & Packaging

    Our foods come ready-to-eat or store in resealable packages. We don't include oxygen absorbers, so please enjoy within 6 weeks or place it in the refrigerator to enjoy later.


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